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about us

A Joyful Soul Fabrics got started the same as most small independent fabric stores.  I am addicted to fabric!  My addiction started in 2001 when I discovered my local quilt shop while living outside Washington D.C.  I had always been intrigued by the art of quilting and garment sewing but never had the time to pursue it.  I had a beautiful baby girl in September of 2000, was transferred with my husband from the West Coast to the East Coast and was lucky enough to not have to go back to work immediately.  My Mom sent me a sewing machine for Mother’s Day in 2001 and that was the beginning of a life long obsession! 

 I have always said that fabric and sewing is my form of therapy.   I am a proud wife of a United States Navy Chief.  Being a Navy family, I had to leave behind the awesome support system I had grown up with, relocate about every two to three years and endure long deployments being a single mom and missing my husband so much I could cry.  Sewing was a friend I could always turn to.  It comforted me in ways I can’t describe.  On those lonely or stressed days, I would just walk into my sewing room, pick up a piece of fabric, sit at my machine and create.  It was, and still is, an amazing outlet for me. 

I discovered Amy Butler fabric in 2004 while at a Quilt Expo in Virginia.  Her design and choice of color were amazing.  They were so inspiring and beautiful!  It wasn’t long before I was scouring the internet and my local quilt shops for her fabric.  The problem was, I couldn’t find it.  I could find little bits here and there but no one had it all.  I was spending a lot of money on shipping charges trying to get all of the pieces I was looking for having to buy from three or four different stores.

I’ve always wanted to be in the fabric business.  I firmly believe in the statement “LOVE WHAT YOU DO!”  Well, I love fabric and I love being able to offer it to you.  We have been in business now for 4 years and are growing everyday!  We started with Amy Butler's fabrics and patterns, added Heather Bailey's awesome designs added some Art Gallery Fabrics and have been growing on a weekly basis!  Now you can find some Kaffe Fassett, Phillip Jacobs, Jay McCarroll, Sis Boom Fabrics and, well....if it's something I would love to create with, I'll do my best to offer it to you!  We will continue to grow and offer you the best in fabrics and patterns to inspire your creativity!

Thank you for visiting my store and please come back soon!

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